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I am working on a electric kart project. I'm slowly piecing together stuff. I'd like to use a Chargery BMS and contactor with a Alltrax SR controller. But struggling with the contactor coil wiring. The Alltrax seems to want everything to go through a footswitch to initially "turn on" the controller. Once energized I am guessing that SOL- is what keeps the contactor closed.

However, the Chargery BMS also wants to control the contactor. In which case I am not sure how they can be wired together. The Chargery BMS says that it can control a 12V coil contactor. The Alltrax appears to control the contactor with pack voltage.

Here is my initial wiring based on Alltrax generic brushed motor without reverse. This uses a contactor rated for the pack voltage on the coil. The BMS has no control over the contactor for charge/discharge (seems like a bad idea):


Here is my second take using Chargery own DCC contactor which directly connects to their BMS. This allows the BMS to control open closing for charge / discharge. However, the SOL- wiring from Alltrax is now gone and I'm not sure where it should go (or if it is needed at all?):

So, how should I move forward with these two components assuming that they can work together?
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