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Lets see if we can figure it out

...according to your diagram

1. should be your (2) power wires (thick) red 48V(+) & black (-) negative

...connect them to the battery pack

2. should be your (3) phase wires (thick) blue, green & yellow

...connect them to the motor

3. should be your (5) hall wires

...connect them to the motor too

4. should be your (2) controller wires for an (on/off) switch

...connect them with/to a toggle switch

5. should be your (3) throttle input wires

...connect them to your throttle (1. yellow (signal) 2. red (power) 3. black (negative)
* (be sure the red & black wires align on your throttle & controller plugs, the signal wires may be different colors)

6. ** NOT sure what this is or for

7. I believe is your forward & reverse wires (motor will NOT work if nothing is attached to this plug) (doesn't know if you want to go forward or backward)

...connect with an (on/on) switch

A lot of guesses & I am NOT sure about the rest

...but, they shouldn't be needed (or connected) just to operate
the motor (for accessories like brake light, charging port etc.)

* idea - to be sure

...put a translator app on your phone

...take a pic of each symbol

...ask it to translate it into English

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I came across another diagram may be helpful to cross reference

It looks like

P+ is battery pack voltage, positive (+) (thick) red wire, power in

in side it should connect to

...the charge port

...& (supplies power to) the "power lock" (on/off switch)

P- is battery pack, negative (-) (thick) black wire, negative in

inside it should connect to

...the charge port

...& supplies the ground connection

Pretty sure,

...(4) is your "power lock" (on/off switch)

because, it's labeled VCC & P+

...(8) should be your throttle plug (NOT (5) like I thought earlier)

because, it's labeled 4.3V (throttle reference voltage) & (SD) & (GRD)

Hope it helps :D


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Did you get this going?

I recently found this:

Wires Interface Definition:
Power Cables: Thick Black (Power Negative) / Thick Red (Power Positive)
Charge Port: Thin Red (Power Positive) / Thin Black (Power Negative)
Phase Cables: Thick Yellow + Thick Green + Thick Blue
Electric Door Lock Cable: Orange VCC, Red P+
Hall Cables: Thin Red, Thin Black, Thin Yellow, Thin Green, Thin Blue
Commutator: Black (GND), Purple, Orange (VCC)
Speed Cables: Orange (High Speed) + Black (GND) + Blue (Low Speed)
Speed Limit: Grey (GND), Grey (XS)
Anti-theft Cables: Red(Positive) + Black (GND)

So, it looks like the "gear" plug would be the
..."speed cables" (orange-high speed) + black ( low-speed)

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I am glad you got it going. :D

There are a few others who bought this motor & controller & are still having problems :eek:

Could you post or list exactly what you connected?
...which plugs you connected
...& where you connected them
...or what type of switches you used

It would be most helpful :cool:
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