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Help with a Fiat Fiorinno Ev conversion from Micro Vett

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Hello everyone.
Mi name is Fernando. Im from Spain, but im living in Norway.
Im trying to help a friend, that have a little cargo Fiat Fiorinno converted from Micro Vett.
The car is from 2012, with a 94V Engine and a Lithium battery pack. Im not sure about the capacity but i can try to find it on the documentation of the car. The owner says that he can make around 80 km in winter time here in Norway ( West side, so from 5 to -5ºc not less ).
To warm the car, is instaled a Diesel Webasto system :mad:. Yes, its not so green.
So, The Problem:
The car is not charging the batteryes.

What happened?
He told me, he was driving like a normal working day, and he reach the office with around 25% percent battery left. So he pluged in the car to have it ready for the next day.
The next morning he removed the charging wire, and the outside led indicator was in a fix green light, that means the car is fully charged. ( Blinking orange/red when charging ).
But inside the car, the battery level in the instrumental panel was 25 % yet.
He drove for a while with this battery power until the battery was completly emty... :( Yes, not a good idea...
After that, the car has been stooped for a long time, and now i has take the chance to try to started again...

What i have done:
Off course, i have been try to plug in the car to see if its was charging, and off course, is not. The same problem, when start to check, it says the battery is full ( according the external information that you can read in the chargers inside the motor compartiment. ) But in the instrument panel, it says is completly empty.
I have checked the battery charger, and it has some rust in one connector, so maybe it was wet for a few time.
The plastic cover that usually mount down the engine in a normal car, is not there, so maybe it was so much water jumping over the charger...

What i think:
1º The charger is not working
2º Some problem with some battery cell (3.2v cells i think)

Any other idea?

About the charger:
Its nothing writen on the box, but inside i can read that the motheboard is a Zivan ZR70F, and the box looks like Zivan NG5 ( this one is 230V monophase )
Somebody can tell me how to check this box?, just to confirm if is working property or i must check the batteryes...
I know its possible to check it with the pc, but i have no idea where find the software and how to use it.
Any information will be really appreciated.
Sorry for this boring text...
Thanks so much.
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I put suspicious elements from bad board to 12v charger board and tested charger. I had two weeks for this while ''ZIVAN'' sent me new processor with my firmware. There were stack of burned elements.
Hi! Congrat, great job! Do you have pictures about the burned elements, for comparison?
I have also charging problems HV and LV as well...
I have all parts(complet car) from a 2011 Fiorino Micro-Vett except the batterycells. Everything is funtktional. I am living near cologne, shipping would be possible as well.
I have all parts(complet car) from a 2011 Fiorino Micro-Vett except the batterycells. Everything is funtktional. I am living near cologne, shipping would be possible as well.
What's your Variant exactly? (Ansaldo vs. Curtis inverter, EIG vs. ...battery cell?
What's your Variant exactly? (Ansaldo vs. Curtis inverter, EIG vs. ...battery cell?
It is an Ansaldo Inverter and Eig cells. But as I said the cells are not available. The BMS is functional and available.
pleas help me!

How can I charge my Fiorino ?

thank you!

My BMS of Fiorino wrote :

FW Version EXT_I.4.5.1.FR.MUX--Protocollo Esteso


Veicolo in Blocco:

In earlier, I started a balancing with procedure of BMS :

NOW the SOC% is 0.0!!! how can I start the charging procderure.
The chargin procedure stoped in 5 second.

it maked a last balance time:

Valore delle tensioni del pacco batterie

00-00-b4-e0 002 3.972 3.984 3.961 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-80 003 3.959 3.957 3.957 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-88 004 3.984 3.966 3.986 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-98 005 3.955 3.984 3.980 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-a0 006 3.956 3.940 3.970 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-a8 007 3.989 3.974 3.983 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-81 008 3.972 3.995 3.966 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-89 009 3.988 3.978 3.985 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-99 010 3.966 3.991 3.969 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-a1 011 3.967 3.953 3.939 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-a9 012 3.985 3.974 3.953 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-82 013 3.963 3.973 3.833 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-8a 014 3.997 3.953 3.853 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-9a 015 3.968 3.952 3.834 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-a2 016 3.940 3.975 3.887 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-aa 017 3.972 3.940 3.967 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-83 018 3.884 3.859 3.836 16.4 14.2
00-00-b4-8b 019 3.865 3.843 3.828 15.9 13.8
00-00-b4-9b 020 3.850 3.823 3.808 15.5 13.8
00-00-b4-a3 021 3.887 3.864 3.846 15.1 13.6
00-00-b4-ab 022 3.850 3.823 3.951 15.7 14.2
00-00-b4-84 023 3.826 3.841 3.891 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-8c 024 3.800 3.834 3.865 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-9c 025 3.798 3.812 3.843 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-a4 026 3.842 3.847 3.886 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-ac 027 3.950 3.815 3.955 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-85 028 3.934 3.972 3.986 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-8d 029 3.905 3.953 3.999 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-9d 030 3.896 3.950 3.953 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-a5 031 3.942 3.970 3.939 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-ad 032 3.908 3.958 3.968 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-86 033 3.984 3.989 3.963 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-8e 034 3.966 3.981 3.981 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-9e 035 3.972 3.991 3.983 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-a6 036 3.944 3.942 3.983 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-ae 037 3.956 3.964 3.978 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-87 038 3.986 3.981 3.958 13.9 15.2
00-00-b4-8f 039 3.951 3.973 3.948 13.9 15.1
00-00-b4-9f 040 3.997 3.994 3.978 13.7 14.9
00-00-b4-a7 041 3.942 3.967 3.967 13.5 14.8
00-00-b4-af 042 3.989 3.959 3.966 13.8 14.8
00-00-b4-e1 043 3.996 3.994 3.995 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-e2 044 3.988 3.978 3.922 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-e3 045 3.956 3.847 3.830 15.9 14.5
00-00-b4-e4 046 3.886 3.835 3.869 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-e5 047 3.907 3.972 3.955 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-e6 048 3.986 3.962 3.984 N.C. N.C.
00-00-b4-e7 049 3.979 3.955 3.963 14.2 15.2
SOC: .000A/h LEM: + 1.173A PWM: 0% Vtot: 283.430V
Tl: 2.928V Til: 3.407V Tih: 3.503V Fine Carica OK
Vmed: 3.937V Shunt: 3.995V 00-00-b4-8a n 1
Equilibratura di fine carica attiva. Ciclo n. 8 S: 12
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Do you used these commands anyone yet?!

set_safe -h

Comando di Configurazione per i parametri critici

Sintassi: set_safe -par [val]

-ub: Limite massimo di UB danneggiate (Min=1, Max=Nub).
-s0: Blocco per Soc 0%. (0=Disabilitato, 1= Attivo).
-sa: Preindicazione allarme [%] (0=Disabilitata, Max=49).
-slp: Preindicazione isteresi [%] (0=Dis PreIsteresi e PreAllarme, Max=49).
-slps: Step Preindicazione isteresi [%] (Min01, Max=49).
-sl: Valore minimo del SOC [%] (Min=1, Max=49).
-sh: Valore medio del SOC [%] (Min=50, Max=89).
-tw: Timer per il Watchdog delle UB [sec] (Min=1, Max=600).
-tl: Timer per tensione minima [sec] (Min=1, Max=600).
-nt: Numero totale blocchi per minima (Min=0, Max=100).
-nl: Numero limite blocchi per minima (Min=1, Max=100).
-vl: Tensione minima di Ricarica [V] (Min=0, Max=5.0).
-vh: Tensione massima di Ricarica [V] (Min=0, Max=5.0).
-lo: Tensione minima di Marcia [V] (Min=0, Max=5.0).

UPDATE : set_safe 0 this is the solution!!

Comando di Interrogazione e di Reset per i dati
dell'unita' MASTER.

Sintassi: quit/ver/p/d/D/R/r/h

quit: l'unita' MASTER esce dal configuration Mode, il sistema
ripristina la funzione di controllo
ver: Versione del Firmware installata sull'unita' MATER
p: Mostra la tabella con tutti i settaggi attualmente
impostati sull'unita' MASTER
d: Mostra lo stato delle tensioni e delle temperature del
pacco in occasione del Freeze
D: Mostra lo Storico dei dati
R: Reset dello Storico dei dati: tutti i dati vengono
Cancellati in modo definitivo
O: Calibrazione Offset Lem (turn on : light, ventillator and than reset)
h: Visualizza questa schermata.
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Hi All!
The charger zivan NG9 is outbof function. Can someone support me with the charger repairing or the used one? Thanks for support in advance
Hi all,

have had issue with cooling.
Coolant problem, overheating directly after start, only at idle without havy load.
There are two coolant tanks in the engine compartment.
Both are full.
Are both tanks for one cooling system or are there two (motor, inverter)?
Where is the pump?
Is there a fuse?
Any idear?


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You should see flow into the reservoirs from the pumps with the car on. Two tanks usually means two cooling loops.
I will check this in the evening, do I have to unscrew the cover?
Isn't one for the windsheild washer fluid trace the black hose hanging from the hood to the reservoir it enters (rear reservoir pump motor in reservoir fuse would b e in fuse box) the other reservoir looks to be a burp tank for the radiator . (front reservoir inline pump from radiator, inline fuse most likely)
later floyd
WW looks like the navy blue cap going to a reservoir you can't easily see in the pic.
That are the two reservoirs I have.

View attachment 129845
Hi, one reservoir is for electric system cooling - right one, left side reservoir is fron the ethanol heating system.

have fiat 500 micro vett showing over heating on instrument panel , disconnected motor temp sensor still showing over any thoughts please :unsure:
Hello, I am from Czech Republic, I have also problem with my Fiat 500 from Micro Vett. Can somebody provide me with the setting of the car and of the batteries through TeraTerm?
I mean these four tables with parameters and the bms report with the cells status (voltages, temp. etc)

Tabella Parametri 1-4
Valore delle tensioni del pacco batterie

I would appreciate your help. Thank you in advance, best regards Petr.
Hi, I have a question regarding charging using type 2 connector. I use a converter from type 2 to schuko, and it has worked on the 3-4 chargers I uesed it with 2 years ago. But now it will not work on some type 2 chargers. I tried connecting a low power device and it worked but when connecting the car it does not work. Did they update the way type 2 reads signal from the car? Anyone had the same problem?

Car: Fiat Fiorino (Zivan 3 kW charger, Eig cells ca 20 kWh)
if there is a problem with the inverter, unfortunately it cannot be programmed on line ....; (((
We are going to change in our Fiorino EIC cells to KOKAM and will implement an TC-Charger.
Do someone knows if we could use the CAN interface to the TC Charger. If that doesn't work we have to develop a solution with PWM-CAN adapter...

By the way i got the Caneponix software for the Ansaldo inverter, but without documentation. Does someone have some docu? All languages exept chinese and japanese would be great!
Would someone like to exchange measurement boards "MicroVett MUX24 ver 2.0" for EIG cells?
I need 4 Boards for KOKAM cells (Micro-Vett for Fiat 500)
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