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Hi everyone!

I've been meaning to join this Forum for many years and now have finally done it!
I've got a 1962 MG Midget that was converted to electric (8 lead acid batteries) about 8 years ago.

A lot of the work was done by local electric vehicle guru Michael Brown in Bonny Doon CA(

I've not had very good luck with the 8(27TM) 12v deep cycles(US Battery out of Oakland) I have used over the years. They have not lasted very long and even when new I never got more than 25 miles before needing re-charge.
I'm not sure if its the charger(K&W BC-20( 120 VAC 50 60 Hz 20A )at least 10 yrs old) or some other aspect(could it be the car is charged on my slanted driveway) or just "user error" ...

It has been "sitting" for 2 years and I've just gotten it back from the body shop so I am ready to look into replacing the battery pack and maybe upgrading to a new charger if that proves to be the weak link.

I live in Santa Cruz CA and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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