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Help with electric garden tractor

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on the blueprints and equations for an electric garden tractor. Being an engineer makes me draw everything and crunch the numbers.

I've settled on a basic 5hp 1800 rpm motor that is 230 volts using 13.6 amps. My plan for a gear box is to use a gear reduction of 10-1 that has a left and right output shaft. This will give me about 180 rpms at the shaft. With the tires I've selected that have a circumference of about 36 inches the top speed will be around 6 mph. This is perfectly fine for my intentions.

The battery I've decided to use is the
LG CHEM Lithium Ion Battery - 60.8V, 2.6kWh
After some rough calculations this should give me theoretically 9 hours of work but in real world I'll be happy with 6 with the additional weight of the unit.

I am still looking for an inverter to convert the power. Also any recommendations on a controller that would allow me to have a forward and reverse function with the current would be appreciated.

I'm gonna machine out axle bars to slip over the out put shafts on the gear reduction. This is to add some length on the axel and allow me to adjust the width of the wheels for use in the garden (plowing,cultivating, possibly the addition of a pto if the gear reduction I'm looking at is available with covid going on).

now I plan to weld myself a frame for the machine and keep most of the weight in the back. This is for traction and that I'm going for a mini tricycle tractor look to the machine.

I hope to be able to pull a ten inch plow. The motor I'm looking at produces almost 15 ft.lbs and the gear reduction will theoretically multiply this by 10 to 150 ft.lbs. after real world reductions I'm sure it will happily drag a ten inch plow for me with good results.

I'm hoping that this isn't the worst idea you gentleman have heard. Any recommendations and suggestions is welcomed. I'm more then happy to hear thoughts and concerns. I will enclose the system and add an air filtration system to keep dirt and dust out of the equation.
Thanks for your time.
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