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Help with Mitsubishi FTO conversion

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Hello my name is Stanley Zorrilla, I Have a Mitsubishi FTO that I plan on making electric and wanted some advise on what motor and batteries to buy, this will be more of a sports car but I also need to drive a very long distance every weekend, the car right now weighs about 2460 pounds, taking a guess the car will be around 2700 to 2800 when converted, I need to travel 94 miles to a destination in the weekends, that being said I want the car to do 0-60 in at least 6 seconds, I’ve seen cars with warp 9 motors do it but this is a heavier car and I don’t think that would cut it also dc motors tend to heat up, someone suggested the warp 11 But I don't know if the warp 11 would heat up if I drive it for those 94 miles @ 60MPH. so just to sum it up:

Mitsubishi FTO Weight : 2800 pounds
Speed: 0-60: 6 seconds
Travel distance : 94 miles

What are the components I need to achieve that?? Thank you in advance.:cool: