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SAIDIS is a DOS program used to adjust parameters on Simovert controllers. It communicates over the serial port. It was written back in the day and gets confused on more modern serial ports-probably because of the FIFO buffer that later serial ports use. I used to run it on old two old Win 98 computers but they both are gone.

I am trying to get it to work on a Windows 11 computer using vDOS, DOSBox 0.74-3, and DOSBox-X. I am using a USB to Serial adapter.

In each DOS, I can get SAIDIS running and saying in the SAIDIS window 'Connection OK' but then it tells me the data is incorrect. My conclusion is that the serial connection is working but I am having the FIFO problem.

Has anyone solved this problem? Does anyone know what communication protocol SAIDIS is using? My SAIDIS is 2.0. Does anyone have the 3.0 version?


Hi Cliff,

I have been using the Siemens 6SV and Siadis since 2008 in my Lotus Elise EV and a Vortex kit car.

You won't get it running on anything later than Win98SE. My recommendation is to buy an old laptop from Ebay. It then runs great and you have a hosted serial port as well.

I only know about v2.2.

I do have the inverter manual originally written by Victor of Metric Mind along with the software manual which is quite in depth.

If you are interested I have a reasonable amount of spare parts (PCB's and IGBT's) for both the 400v and 90v inverters as well as complete inverters although not tested.

These were all purchased from Evisol of Holland when they went belly up some years ago.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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