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Hey! Bought an '09 Kandi Coco..72vac motor..but the magic smoke came out of the inverter/motor part number.. Greatland Electric Shenzhen original manufacturer.. doesn't seem too easy contacting them. Any thoughts on replacement/repair? I've done lots of Googling..tons of vfds & inverters but 72vdc to 72vac 3 phase inverter motor controller have not found. Thanks for any help you can give!
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first of all, your post is in the wrong place. Second of all, it has a very vauge and non descript post title, so nobody looking will know what the post is about and won't bother to open it and wont help you.

Doesn't look like a very good operation, fraud seems to be common practice. that may make it real hard to get parts, But i'd suggest trying to go through the US importer/distributor for spare parts, if possible at all.

Welcome and good luck...
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