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Hey D.E.C community I am from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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There are a lot interesting builds I have watched online over the past 6 or 7 years and I am very interested to start a conversion project of a Daihatsu Zebra or a Suzuki Carry Minibus so I can use it to commute back and forth to work. Recharge it at home and work if needed.

Sort of a plan might look like this. I am also keen on anyone in the Jakarta area who might want to work together and build 2 and we can share workload, tools and workspace etc. I'd even be interested in working on someone else's build first to get experience. Yes I definitely need a hobby.

Any suggestions particularly for a build in Indonesia would be welcome.


1. Sourcing a decent mechanical project vehicle without or without engine (6,000,000 Rupiah to 15,000,000)

2. Sourcing DC Motors.
3. Sourcing Motor Controllers.
4. Sourcing Batteries for a 18650 Pack Build.
5. Sourcing Charging Unit and Wiring, Plugs etc.
6. More stuff.
7. More stuff.
8. More stuff.

My skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication:

I am would be new to mechanics and fabrication but I do understand have watched about 1000 hours of builds online both ICE and EV. Have used tools and equipment for fabrication in various jobs. Need a lot of support in electrical end of this planned build.

Range hoping to get (how many kilometers/charge):


Performance level hoping to get:

Reach at least sustained highway speed of 100 kph although 80kph is acceptable for the driving situation which is within a major urban area and daily short highway commutes of 5-10km.


50,000,000 - 80,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah

Current Status:

Planning & Sourcing phase. November 2018 - February 2019
Vehicle purchase March 2019.
Vehicle preparation March - June 2019
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If you can source them locally, batteries from a crashed production EV should give lower cost-per-kWh than 18650 packs and save a lot of effort in packaging and you may be able to reuse the donor EV's BMS.

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I found on wikipedia that Daihatsu produced factory EV versions of some Hijet generations.

If you can find one of these you may be able to restore it or transplant the drivetrain and controls into a newer body, and also install a modern lithium battery. lists the Hijet on page 1:
Vehicle Type Minivan (K-class)
Length x Width x Height 3395 mm x 1475 mm x 1870 mm
Complete Curb Mass 1370 kg
Seating Capacity 2 (4)
Maximum Speed 100 km/h
Range 110 km (10・15 mode)
Motor(Maximum output) Permanent Magnet Synchronous
(35 kW)
Battery(Total voltage) Valve Regulated Lead Acid
(240 V)
Charging System Conductive, on-board
Standard Charging Time 7 hours
Price ¥2,900,000
Subsidy (as of 2003) ¥800,000

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If you can source them locally, batteries from a crashed production EV should give lower cost-per-kWh than 18650 packs and save a lot of effort in packaging and you may be able to reuse the donor EV's BMS.
Keeping it simple is best. 18650's are a lot of work to pack safely considering all of the options. I will keep checking locally.

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Looks possible.

3.8 million rupiah
$260 USD

Description (Google Translate)

Dynamo electric motor for forklift or 48v 5500W electric car

Deep shaft type suitable for manual transmission shaft input (with spline adjustment)

The condition of the brush is still long. Can rotate without controller.
Minimum voltage for spinning 12v. Torque is very large.
Current without a load of 30 amperes. 300A peak current.
Bolt terminal in inch units. Direction of rotation in the direction, there is no terminal to turn rounds. A cheap choice for a limited electric vehicle project. Because the bldc motorbike is expensive and requires a controller to run. while the series wound motor can rotate without controller. But for those of you who are interested in motivating the bldc, please see the item catalog here.


Dinamo motor listrik untuk forklift atau mobil listrik 48v 5500W
tipe shaft dalam cocok dihungkan untuk input shaft transmisi manual (dengan penyesuaian spyline)
kondisi brush masih panjang.
bisa berputar tanpa kontroller.
tegangan minimal untuk berputar 12v.
torque sangat besar.
arus tanpa beban 30 ampere.
arus peak 300A
terminal baut dalam satuan inch.
arah putaran searah, tidak ada terminal untuk membalik putaran.
pilihan yang murah untuk project kendaraan listrik yang terbatas akan dananya.
karna motor bldc itu mahal dan butuh kontroller untuk menjalankan. sedangkan motor series wound bisa berputar tanpa kontroller.
tatapi bagi anda yang berminat untuk motir bldc, silahkan lihat dikatalog barang disini.
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