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Hi all,

My name is Matt. I’m 25 years old and live in Australia. Like about a billion people on the planet I like cars a lot and have always dreamed of building my own. Not restoring one, not converting one – an actual ground up build; the ultimate challenge.

However I have never been a petrol head. Don’t get me wrong I love exotic sports cars, watch shows like Top Gear with maximum attention and have the desire to own something that turns people’s heads. My 2009 Spec B Liberty will have to do for now...

The idea of building a purpose built Electric Vehicle interests me greatly. And recently, after some hair brained ideas of mine were put to bed after a decent amount of research, I became very interested in EV’s and have practically spent the last week reading about them, and in particular the technology behind their ‘go’.

I am an Aerospace Avionics Engineer by profession. So I have spent a fair amount of time around aircraft, though my current speciality is with aviation messaging, so my electrical theory is very much’s funny how quickly skills you no longer use get shifted to the back of the brain never to be seen again :-/

So long story short I’ve decided to start my ‘build’ by simply understanding how it all works, what the different configurations are and what is/is not possible these days. Baby steps – none of this headfirst stuff...

I have begun to read these forums and to be frank I am astounded as to how much information is available here. I will no doubt ask many questions that have already been answered elsewhere so please be patient with me. I do have a problem with the old “mouth before brain syndrome”.

Cheers and let the fun begin!
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