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I'm new here, and new to DIY EVs.

I've been kicking about and lurking on the site for a while now, and thought it was high time I started contributing and being part of the discussion. For the last few years I've been wanting to take a car and convert it to electric, and I've finally got a bit of time to start researching and learning about the process.

What really inspired me to take the leap in earnest was a spot on Discovery Channel about the Killacycle. That has lead me to all sorts of inspirational sites, stories, and blogs.

My background is in web development, graphic and web design, illustration, art, project management... your typical dot-com-web-entrepreneur. I'm great with lego, but that's about as far as my mechanical abilities go. ( I can change a flat tire though! ) I know almost nothing about electrical systems.

So, yay! Learning!


I've started blogging about dipping my toes into the EV scene, you can read it at

That's about enough about me.
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