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As a motorhome owner, I do see the logic in a "toad" (towed-behind vehicle), and in using an EV for that purpose... although it assumes that you have substantial electrical service where you are staying (not boondocking on solar and/or a generator).

My concern with an older already-converted vehicle is that you will likely need to replace batteries, and if you need to replace other major components as well you might as well start with an inexpensive vehicle with an engine and do the conversion the way you want, with modern components.

Is this the truck?
USED DONG FENG EVEREST 2009 for sale in Stuart, FL | Lookout Auto Sales LLC

I assume that truck is left-hand-drive. They drive on the right side of the road in China, so their vehicles - such as those from Dong Feng - are left hand drive. Avoiding right-hand-drive would be a major advantage to me in choosing a Kei-sized truck to use here, and in addition to the Dong Feng trucks there were some sold that way by Cushman (but manufactured in China) and perhaps others.
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