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Brian, nice to virtually meet you and thanks for responding to my post. Yes that is the listing for the truck! I just went with a friend to look at it again and i took it for a spin around the parking lot. I tried to get some more info and this is what I found out:

I offered 2k and they declined. My friend said its been on the lot for four months. Maybe its to much for the work to fix everything but i am looking for something about this size, electric is a big plus, that we can load our camping gear in and tow behind us. Finding a vehicle like this (with left hand drive) isn't easy or as cheap as i thought. I found a dealer in Miami that has nice gas vehicles but they are all right hand drive and gas and $5k+.

I would want to update the solar panel and charger to keep the batteries topped off. We usually have a regular plug in at the places we stay as well.

What are your thoughts on this particular EV and how much would it cost to get it all updated?
$2k is a bit low for practically any running EV conversion. Just working components alone could get more than that (depending on how they are working) . It does seem like this one will need some work, most of that work being mechanical, not electrical makes it seem more manageable.
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