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Hi everybody

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My name is Alan, I’m a passionate guy that believe the next step in sustentable automotive is the electric way. I’m the owner of two Tesla’s an recently transformed a old vw bug with a Hyper9 hv motor and tesla battery modules. I’m hungry of knowledge about electric conversions and I’m impressed with the level of This forum participants. I hope to be accepted in this community, trying to share with all the problems that exists in Europe for converting vehicles and giving my little experience.

I have a Youtuber channel called Fuertes Family Loves Tesla, in that, we talk about our electric life with the tesla cars, our solar experience,a lot of videos of our Superescarabajo ( Super Bug) from the beginning including the tune process... sorry but the language of videos is Spanish!

now I have a new project in mind, but only in mind.

it’s an absolutely pleasure to read your posts!!!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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