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Hi guys and girls!

I stumbled across this forum while researching electric vehicle conversions so thought I would create an account to share my progress and mooch free advice. Hopefully one day I can return it! :p

The car I'm planning to convert is a '94 Nissan Bluebird SSS for no other reason other than the fact that it's the car I own and it's timing belt is about to go.

As I do more and more research I realise this is probably not the best car to pick for a first time conversion as it is pretty heavy at 1300kg and is front wheel drive which complicates things a bit. Nonetheless I figure I might as well give it a shot since there are numerous examples of heavier cars being done and it'll be a learning experience regardless.

I've done some back of the napkin calculations and have worked out that to push that much weight around at 100km/hr (my goal top speed) I'm looking at 18KW continuous and to accelerate to that speed in 15 seconds I'm going to need 33KW of power so I've started shopping around for motors that can handle this.

The Kostov K9 HV ( has caught my eye as a good motor for this, was wondering what your thoughts were?

I was also considering going direct drive with two Motenergy ME0913's ( which would allow me to drop the transmission and also get me regenerative braking which should allow me to save some more weight. I can't find many examples of these being used in this fashion though and they seem to be more popular in motorbikes. Was wondering if anybody had any experience with them?

I am hoping for a budget of $3000-$5000 for my build (excluding the cost of the batteries) with the intention of starting with cheap lead acid batteries then upgrading after 1-2 years once I get more money and the tech hopefully improves.
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