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Hi everyone. I'm Orin Ramsumeer. New to the EV field but been in the automotive sector since a pup.
Im the electrical designer and manager at Dependable Emergency Vehicles, in Brampton Ontario, Canada.
I have a electrical engineering background and also 310T technician. I build fire trucks and currently working on an awesome build with Toronto Fire, which includes
and Volta Power System 58V NMC 18kwh pack as an idle reduction system. we're building 28 pumpers over the next 2 years.

I eventually plan on doing and electrically driven Fire Pump hopefully powered by a couple of packs in parallel.
it's a Cummins ISL 9 and on top of the factory 320A alternator, I've added the 190A 58V alternator for on road charging.

Im also in the market of sourcing conversion parts for my personal 1987 Nissan Maxima.

Hope to learn as much as possible here, also hope I can help someone else in anyway.
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