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Hi from not quite as far north as the last guy

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Hi from the Scottish highlands, well not actually I'm a marine engineer so at the moment that is somewhere of the coast of Brazil, as ships internet is worse than useless I apologise in advance if I don't manage to get back to you all any time soon.

Here is the proposition I am not a huge electric car fan, I find the prospect of no engine and gearbox to keep a drive interesting a little on the boring side. So here is the plan I currently own and am currently returning to a road worthy state/restoring my 1972 swb 2.25 diesel series 3 Land Rover I am going to convert to soft top. Though I would like to do something abit different and challenging.

The plan: keep the original gearbox and engine but run it on either a 50/50 mix of veg oil and diesel or straight veg oil (haven't decided how to go about this one yet. In the interests of fuel economy though I would also like to add a plug in hybrid system to the car to alllow it to achieve a greater range. My thoughts so far on achieving this are as follows:

The electric motor would either augment the existing drive line through the transfer box pro connection or by a toothed drive belt round a special pulley put between the the transmission brake and the rear prop shaft.

Current thoughts are to run a 72v system with lithium ion phosphate batteries, these would power a LMC pancake permanent magnet motor or motors. For the reasons they are light and compact. There will be a few weight saving bits done to the Land Rover it's self.

These are just current ideas, the goal if possible would be the ablity to have electric assistance for 180miles, an unassisted range if possible of 30-50 and and unassisted top speed if possible of 60mph. I know with the system I have stated above this is probably not possible. Do you guys and girls have any recommendations for how I could go about this.

My reasons for doing this are make the original engine which wear out pretty quickly for diesels last a lot longer after I have rebuilt it, while 33mpg is good it still ain't fantastic, preserve the classic feel as much as possible while still creating an element of future proofing.
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A great idea - in theory - which has been tried before: see here and here. I wonder if you could inspect this vehicle in person and get some inspiration and tips?

I'll be watching this thread with interest...
Ah brilliant thank you for that I really am going to have to get to the dunsfold open day at some point though I may have to give them a ring when I get back and see if they would let me take a peek at it in their workshop. Having read this and the adventure ev blog I think to get the Landy to move at any kind of speed I'm going to have to drastically increase the voltage to around the 200 mark with them using 216v and 205 respectively.

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No worries. I'm thinking the same re Dunsfold. Would it insanity to try to pack this all into my little 86" Series One - and would I be able to brake in less than a mile...

If you get there before I do please post loads and loads of photos!
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