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I'm looking to learn. My wife has an Outlander and we used to have a Zoe. Very pleased with both. I've an electric bicycle and am into land rovers.
By day, I'm a wind turbine service tech with a background in marine engineering.

My current project is a chassis up rebuild of a 109 which I hope to make into a hybrid by adding a motor driving through the standard pto into the transfer box.
The standard land rover drivetrain will all still remain alongside it.

I have questions, but I'll try and find the right place in the forum to ask.
Interesting. You're not the only one to have thought this. I came to the conclusion that my Series One 86 didn't have the space and I wanted to do away with the most oil-dripping part of any Landy. The general conclusion on the "Electric LandRover and 4x4 EV Conversions" Facebook group (please join us) was that a PTO only provides straight-through 'gearing' (i.e. no gearing) so the performance will be pretty feable without gearing-down prior to inputting power via the PTO.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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