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Hi. I am planning a Defender conversion.

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As I was thinking of having two separate battery packs. Do I need two separate BMS’s ?
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a battery pack split into 2 boxes? the battery will act as "one" when running (drive mode or charge mode) there are a few different distributed bms's available to use. such as thunderstruck.

depends on the type of battery you use. tesla modules for example have the bms boards in each module, so you just need a master that talks via canbus, like the simpBMS
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Nothing goes outside the battery box unless it's galvanically isolated or on a relay/contactor.
this 1000%

iv been censored when calling out conversion shops on social media for doing this, running their bms leads outside of the battery case. some just through cable glands even.

only thing that should be coming out of the battery box on the smaller lines is CANbus. or what ever the comms are.
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