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Hi, please review my site

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i created a new website internet car database
please review my website and let me kow that how i can improve my site.

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Hi David,

Nice Site! I really like your logo...very professional. I was able to surf easily and it looks like you are rounding out your database. I have no idea how you can put together this much information! Whoa. I am new to this site but have been on the site for some time (great buncha guys!) anyway, I know the 308 series pretty well and you are missing the 308 GTS which is Thomas Magnum's car from the show Magnum PI (back a while). The 308 GTB is repeated twice so maybe it is a type. You do have an impressive array and show the GTB which has similar specs. I know is a little thing but its really the only car I know fairly well so I hope this helps.

On the generic help side, how about putting the "goto" chat site for each of these cars. is the premier site for owners to kibitz about their babys. DIY Electric seems to be growing as a "goto" site for EVs. So, along with the site (more marketing for them), try the chat site that folks really hang out on. It is a good service because sometimes it is hard to find. 2 cents. I assume you have trademark use agreements...Ferrari viciously protects their name and logo. Good luck with your site!

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