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Hi Power Batteries

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Hi I am in Australia and I thought that I would put the record straight.
I was about to purchase LiFePo4 batteries from “Hi Power Batteries” China, when I read the forum. (48V to power a golf cart)
I replied to Hi Power as follows:-
I wish to order the battery set up we have discussed, however I am concerned about the security of my money and that I will receive the goods in a reasonable time being 35 to 40 days.
I have been looking at some forums on batteries and I enclose the address which you should read and reply to me.
Do you have a distributer in Australia if so Can you give me contact details.
The reply:-
Hi power replied that the post was so long ago that they did not know if the information in it was correct or not, but that they relied on their size and good reputation.
I decided to go ahead and purchase as the price was very good.
I received the goods within 2 days of the quoted delivery time and their support and prompt reply to all of my requests was very heartening.
After purchase support was very good, I had a problem getting the batteries to charge, but found it was a connection I had accidently knocked out that was the problem.
The batteries are going great and I am very happy. However I think next time I would purchase a better BMS instead of the PCM. (The BMS cuts off power in discharge at predetermined voltage to prevent over discharge, The PCM does not do this).