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yes, I am a rep, from Hipower, my name is Candy, my friend from USA, who has 25 years experience for batteries. in 2008, he bought 300V100Ah battery pack, but because our equlizer charger damage most of the cells, then this year we make replacement for the whole pack, now he is very happy for the Hipower upgrading cells . you can check the original Email from him as attached. I just want to verify not only one customer speaks highly about Hipower cells. nothing special .

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Hi Strawberry Candy,

I think you read this incorrectly.

I have a friend who installed Hipower 300V100Ah battery pack, he had put 496 miles on the pack for one charging.
Or wrote this incorrectly.

I read that attached email as saying he has gone 496 miles on multiple charges of 40 to 50 miles per daily charge. NOT 496 miles on a single charge.

Might be a language thing going on here :)


1 - 1 of 114 Posts
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