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Hi there, it's a big CAN bus project

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum and want to introduce me and my project quickly. Ever since, I've been fascinated by these Land Rover Defenders and loved working with (micro)electronics. Now that I'm old enough, I bought a Defender with a well maintained frame and of course, it's gonna get an electric drive. The whole project shall use open source code and hardware on the low voltage side. The HV side is gonna work with approx 320V.

While thinking about the drive system, I had a look at the Chinese market because - you know - it's booming. In the end I decided to get a PMSM with pretty convincing specs and a corresponding controller. I thought it was a good deal even though I've never read about such a project. Now the motor is sitting moveless in my room and I know why: They mostly produce for OEMs or car manufacturers and there is no support for people without institutional experience. I have no problem with CAN bus communication in general, but due to its proprietary structure it can get difficult without proper support. Leading to my question: Is there anybody who has gathered some experience with non-hobbyist controllers (wiring, CAN bus message structures)?

Besides the controller, I also bought an OBC. Its CAN message structure is similar to the elcon/TC chargers, but I can't decipher what it wants to tell me. Could someone have a look at the log file and share a few insights?

Well, these are some big questions in the first introduction. I'm happy to give some more info and appreciate every hint!
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