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Higen / Lsis 15kW motor

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I have a 15kw Higen 'tuned bij Lsis' motor:

This might be a good motor for driving the bowthruster in my boat, but I failed to find more information online...
this is all I can find..

There are 2 extra wires coming out, one 2 pole and one 4(?) pole, I guess temperature and encoder?

Who knows more about these motors and can recommend what controller to use?
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A Curtis might work. You'd have to tune it and that could be difficult (read expensive). I'm not sure if the Sevcon AC controllers support induction machines. You could check.
I guess I have to wait and see if Higen sends me a reply to my information request...

I might be able to test with an industrial (ABB) frequency converter, but will need more information for that too (and problem: low voltage / high amps thus need about a 50(?) kW 400v unit)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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