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High Output Alternator, for a somewhat large system

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I have a 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse, with a 350/5.7 L engine.
I would like to put add a fair bit to the electrical system such as:
19" LCD TV
Original Xbox
Some extra lights

a 300 Watt Sub/Amp combo.

The TV, Xbox and Lights are hooked up to a 1000Watt Pure Sine Inverter.
The vehicle is also equipped with an AC unit, and two large cooling fans for the rad.

So it seems apparent to me that I will need to put a high-output alternator in, as well as a second battery.

I called a couple alternator shops and asked if they had any for the vehicle and one of the guys told me that there is no need for a high amp alternator and that it wouldnt do anything extra (he didnt speak english very well and didnt make much sense), and then told me to buy a "condenser or something, I think it is called, I don't know".

So, please offer any thoughts, suggestions or comments to this matter....

AND if you think the alternator is a good idea, if someone could show me a site for cheap high amp alternators, that would be appreciated too.
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This is not really the forum for this kind of question. A better place to go would be an RV forum as this is more like what they do.

That said your worst case additional load with what you are talking about a little over 100 amps. That would be running your inverter at the point where it will trip off. Your stereo may have a 300 watt amp but average currents on modern car stereos are more like 30 watts. The guy you talked to was probably recommending the addition of a capacitor which will handle the peak loads to the amplifier.

I suspect you might need a larger alternator but it depends on what is already there. If you have a 140 amp alternator then you most likely don't need anything else. Ask this question on an RV forum.
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