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High Voltage Battery Packs

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Hello guys,

Trying to understand battery pack design of different electrical vehicles. I am new to this electric stuff and trying to learn new things so please forgive if questions are naive.

So I was taking look at different battery pack specifications and found out that they range between 300-400 V while there is a lot of variations in their Ah. For eg Tesla has discharge capacity of about 232 Ah, Ford focus electric has 75Ah while that of BMW i3 94Ah.

What is the reason behind this?
Why are they keeping voltages in same range as that of eachother but changing their Ah so drastically?
How will it affect the performance of electric vehicle?
How is Ah capacity determined by OEMs?

Why in case of conversion we cannot use high voltage pack as that of EVs with low Ah?

Hope you guys clear my confusion :confused: