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Higher nominal voltage vs. Motor

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Hi all,

For my Isetta build, I'm going to be running a pancake PMDC motor, rated at 48V nominal.

It's going through an Alltrax 72V 650A controller.

My question is, are there any issues with me using a battery pack that will have a nominal voltage of 72V, rather than one that's at 48V?

I assume that the controller will just reduce the voltage the motor sees if I limit it (I don't need the additional RPM/speed from higher voltage), but thought I'd check in case there are any issues or significant efficiency losses with this...

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Your PMDC motor will spin faster at 72V than at 48V (under same load).
If you don't reach the max rpm of the motor at your top speed, everything will be fine.
The only thing who can change is, as you will have access to more power / top speed, your motor can overheat more easily.
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