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Highlander hybrid pack

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Hi, everyone. I have some Highlander hybrid pack lying around in my shop.

I do know each of the individual modules are rates 9.6V at 6500mA, while for that one a Prius or Camry, its rated 7.2V and 6500mA.

Is to possible, for instance to upgrade or replace the existing pack with a modified one(from the Highlander hybrid)?

I also know the battery smart unit might be seeing something like 9.6V, and not 7.2V. Would the car's battery ECU be able to work with this voltage? What happens to the inverter assembly?

If I decide to look for some kind of resistor, to bring down the 9.6V to 7.2V, and incorporate a heat sink, to take away the heat generated, what would happen?

Can anyone suggest pls?

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Are you saying you want to use Highlander battery modules in a Prius or Camry? Why? Toyota Hybrid batteries are tightly integrated with their software BMS, no easy way to make different modules work in a different application. The Prius/Camry BMS is very specific for the voltage and chemistry of the Prius/Camry modules, same for Highlander.
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