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So... I'm looking to get into a newer vehicle and do a lot of miles. I really like the Mitsubishi Outlander. It seems to be the best bang for the buck in a SUV. I would love get a Highlander but the hybrid has next to no gains. My wife loves it.

I thought hub motors would be a good option but I see now in a few threads that those aren't going to pan out. Has anyone started working on an upgrade for the HiHy? It seems that a better motor and batteries would make it effective. Really and truly, a drivetrain swap from the Outlander to a HiHy would be awesome! I don't think that would be cost effective or warrantied though.

Is there maybe something I could add to the HiHy gasser 4 cylinder? Covert it to hybrid? I really like the look of the Lincoln Continental. Too bad I can't slap some hub motors on it and be done.
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