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Yep! Thats right! The electric barina that was on "a current affair" last year is for sale!. i am selling it for pretty much the same reason gav sold his in NZ..... i need the cash for something else. the car originally had 10 12v 140ah batteries and range was pretty good. i now have 8 batteries running 96volts (nom) and the car still performs really well. the batteries are now two years old and it would be great for the new owner to slap a set of lithiums in it. the charging system i run can charge 32 thundersky 100ah batteries WITHOUT a bms! true story!
the car is located in central victoria in australia and anyone interested is welcome to come and take it for a test drive. i want $7000 for the car but am open to offers. you can contact me through this site or at [email protected]
you can see a video of my car on youtube at or on evalbum at



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