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Holden Calibra with 50Kw AC motor, partially converted FOR SALE

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Due to health reasons, I can't finish the build, so looking for expressions of interest in someone finishing it off.

I chose the Calibre because it is a great Holden Hatch that is very slippery (0.28 Drag co-efficient).
I have completed the installation of the motor, and it drives the front wheels though a Holden V8 diff (can handle the torque)

The torque from the motor is 360nM through the entire RPM range, and drives through the diff with a 5:1 ratio, so plenty of torque at the wheels .. (1800nM)

It "just" needs controller and batteries. I do have the necessary pneumatic pumps for the brakes and power steering ..
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Hi, I will post photos soon. No build thread. Parts list is really only:

1. 50Kw AC Induction motor + custom made mounting frame all welded and installed in place.
2. Holden V8 diff that drives the font wheels, mechanical powertrain complete
3. Throttle pot connected to throttle cable.
4. A brake pneumatic electric pump is available
5. Power steering electric pump as well

Regarding price, I have no idea what is reasonable.
I have spent 5K on car, 2K on motor, and 1K on conversion costs. I would hope for some reasonable percentage of that back .. :)
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