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Hey people!

I need some advise please from other Honda enthusiasts as I am not sure what is happening to my loved one.

Few months back started the following:

Hear-able symptoms: clicking realy sound from behind the radio, sudden clicks with no pattern (this been here for years) and clicking sound outside at the fuel pump, more exelration the more and faster clicks.

Visible symptoms:

1. Headlights suddenly OFF during drive at night (very scary) then back as soon as I switched on High Beam. High Beam usually works.
2. few weeks later the head lights were completely off just suddenly...each time I switch the headlights on, the engine drops power on idle (i also can see that on the digital clock, it is losing the power too)..even tho the headlights as not responding . (both bulbs are tested OK)...High Beam works
3. Break warning sign ON displaying that I have break problems, altough I have breaks and break lights are responding, however the fog light is completley GONE (same circuit)
4. Few weeks later, break warning light still on, relay clicks still on, on drive car SUDDENLY shuts down completely...restarted, worked another 10 minutes then again, shuts down...then restart, few seconds later shuts down again...
5.Parked the car, engine shuts down idle...not staying on, and not having a healthy sound, like not getting enough fuel...

Does that mean my alternator slowly destroying my car electrical system and starts failing...? took my 3 months ols battery out and recharged, batter can NOT be fully charged...charging stopped at first quarter.


my DMM measuring between the negative pin of battery and the negative chassis of the car 12 VDC and 28 VAC!!?? whaaaaaat??

Okay, I did the testing recommended with a light bulb between the neg battery and chassis negative, pulling out the fuses one by one....the light still on, still measruing the same if ALL the fuses are out!?!? All fuses are OK.

What the heck?

Cigarette lighter short? Alternator short? Alternator killed thebattery?

Please if you had something similar, share with me as i am really intrigued as this is unusual to me...



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