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Anything will work. Find the smallest, cheapest AGM battery and go for it. Mine was smaller than a Rubik's Cube. "Jumping" the car involves, like, touching any good 12V battery to the DC/DC terminals to wake it up. You could throw one in the glovebox.

Specifically, the battery doesn't power anything—it just starts up the computers. When the DC/DC converter is on, the battery is just another load, like a headlight.

The thing you will have to worry about is what happens when the DC-DC dies and you're on the highway at night, etc...? You'll need to have enough juice to, like, pull over and maybe throw the hazards on.

Lithium doesn't seem worth it because they're finicky about charging, and in an EV the 12V battery will pretty much just get a constant voltage of ~14.2 with no smarts for charging. With the size of the battery you need, you're talking about saving a pound or two, I expect...
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