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How can I reach A123 Systems!!

I'm living in Korea.

And whenever call A123 systems, they just allow recording voice..

I call more than 10 times.

And never email me back or call me back.

I want to buy custom 20ah module packs or 23kw module..

But how can buy it without contact them????

It's so suck..!!!

Anyone help me?

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From the site above:

Nominal Capacity: 18.5Ah min, 19.6ah nom
Interesting, these numbers seem familiar.

To the OP: A123 has no interest in being directly in contact with anyone that isn't an OEM. They want to sell at high volume to companies that will handle the support for the end customer. They have no interest in the liability of the individual, their project, or the support they would demand. I already know a bit about the support aspect from various different regional MNEAA members who have discussed what questions they had when in contact with CALIB. Seems there could be an FAQ because people coming from lead-acid sure seem to ask all of the same questions that many could easily find here or pretty much anywhere where EVs are discussed. I understand why A123 wants nothing to do with us but it still pisses me off as a tax payer to know they have my money and I can't buy the fruit of what the money taken away from me has produced.
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