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How do controllers protect your battery
The appropriate usage and maintenance mainly determine the battery’s life. regarding the battery protection ,most customers are focus on the timely charging and repairing liquids adding once in a while.
However,as a matter of fact,the user could do more to protect their battery besides the above maintenance in their everyday usage.One important way is via the battery control strategy provided by Sabvoton sine wave motor controller.
As we all know,A lack volt point is set when the battery is out of the factory.Taking a 48V Lead acid battery as an example which is made of four pcs of 12V battery in series.The lack volt is 10.5*4 =42V.Normally,To avoid the battery from over discharge,the sine wave motor controller will stop output when the voltage drops to 42V.
The above protecting strategy can get optimized further. Before the lack volt protection taking place,the controller can limit the discharge current when the battery voltage falls and reaches to a specific value which normally is a little higher than the lack voltage value say,44V via pre-programming in the PC software.
Through those settings, the customer can be prepared in advance as they can tell when the battery voltage is very close to lack volt point as the torque suddenly decreases. The “lack volt” “limited current voltage ” and” dc limit current” parameter are open to customer in Sabvoton sine wave motor controller’s pc software.So it will be very convenient for the user to set his own voltage protect strategy.
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