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How do I rotate the motor?

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The good news is I've postitioned the motor/tranning in the engine compartment. I connected the driver side engine mount and then the rear center mount. The problem is the passenger side engine mount. Facing that mount the engine is rotated slightly clockwise. Here are links to photos:
Passenger side:
Driver side:
View from top:

I've used some force. Looking for ideas. (I've alreading considered and dismissed the idea that 2 mounts are enough). Thanks.
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Are you sure the mounts are correctly aligned?

The driver's side one looks very twisted to me, the passenger side less so.

I would suggest removing the mounts and then placing the motor/trans in position with the crane adn resting it on stands or blocks so it is static and safe.
Then place the mounts in their correct locations to see if they are correctly located on the motor/trans.

Having another look I would suggest that maybe it is the centre moun that is wrong.
Are you using the stock mount position on the trans or is it on a made up piece?
Center mount is stock (original) piece.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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