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Just chiming in,

The comments on the Porsche forum about the EV conversion forum did not appear to be quite educated on the subject. Never forget that the forums made about specific brands/types of cars are made by people who like to feel the ICE rumble, listen to the exhaust notes of their car, tinker with what they know. It is emotional. Changing a major parameter may upset some or more enthusiasts. A good friend of mine which i have told about my plans for a certain car, asked me asked me why I would want do it? "Isn't it the destruction of 'that' car? " Well, yes, If you want to jump on the emotional tone, it requires to clinically kill a car. But it shall be revived with an electric 'ticker' . :rolleyes:

Also I'd have to admit, most commercial petrol electric-hybrid cars give of the wrong message. They are either stupidly heavy, or they are designed in a way no real world gain is made by adding under powered electric motors to the transmission.

It takes someone with a free mind, a little frustration with today's vehices, a few funds and a will to make a change! :)
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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