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How do other forums react to your EV conversion?? IE Porsche/Corvette/Fiero/VW/etc?

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After buying a couple of Porsche 944's I became a member of since it's a great source for help in all things mechanical and electrical to do with a Porsche (I hadn't exactly made it public that I was converting a Porsche to electric). This evening I came across a thread where someone had linked to my garage page on here where I have info about the car and my performance goals. Most of the comments were pure negative saying an electric Porsche was the stupidest thing in the world, that an electric porsche could never do 0-60 in 5 seconds and that I'd be lucky an electric Porsche could do 0-60... once. There were a few supporters, and the odd one that simply thought it was cool but the general tone of the thread was negative (not the initial poster, his comment was skeptical but interested). Since I've been a member there for a few months I commented that it was my 944 and the goals are real etc, there hasn't been another negative comment, only a few supporters with kind comments.

I'm just curious what other people run into on other forums mainly the type of forum that is dedicated to a certain brand or model of car? Do you run into the guys who think you are doing brand "x" some kind of injustice by converting their gas guzzling flagship into an eco friendly "electric" car?
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I've posted a few things over on (a great Porsche resource site) about my in-process 911 conversion---mostly asking questions about part fits or buying used parts.

So far, I've heard nothing negative. Maybe because I made it clear I wasn't sacrificing a running Porsche (my car came as a glider). Not much positive, either, mostly just factual responses.
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