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My muscle car club (for my Camaro gasser) is very positive about my electric Porsche -- two of them now say they want to build electrics. The muscle car guys will say things like "I know many guys with Chevy V8s, but none with electric" or "It takes real skill to do that!" Of course, the electric car boards are overwhelmingly positive. The guys at seem especially delighted with my bargain basement approach. I met a regional Porsche club guy on the Salt Flats with a heavily race modded 911 -- he was very positive and suggested I submit an article about the car. My Salt Flats club has been positive, and even put an article about my car on their web page. I haven't yet told my local Porsche club or autocross club -- I'm planning to just show up unannounced at an autocross, and hopefully place well (I usually do well with the gas car).
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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