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Product development and marketing are difficult things to gauge.

When you asked the question you did, you are only reaching people who are here, who are at the narrow window in their build when they need, and know they need, this specific thing.

It might be a "If you build it they will come" item. If it's well known, mentioned in other threads and so on, that "When you get your Leaf drive unit, you buy a coupler from this guy and that's much of the hard work done."

It might be something that factors into people's choice of what drive unit to purchase "Well it's easy to get a Leaf coupler, this guy has them in stock, so maybe go that way" and more people start doing Leaf builds, for the small impact that a coupler would have on those choices.

It might just become an established thing over the next year or two you steadily work your way through your inventory as everyone doing a Leaf conversion picks one up.

But it might be a, you make it and no one ever wanted one.

You can probably guess at how many DIY Leaf-based builds are out there, and how many people are buying or hiring a fab shop to make the coupler, and, if yours can be done affordably there's a good chance you can pick up pretty much all of that custom fab business.

Hard to say. Business is a risk.

If you only want risk-less offers, then you've probably phrased this wrong. Perhaps ask "Pre-orders for Leaf motor couplers", and people can sign up, pay up, and then you buy the tooling and make howevermany. But then you better be sure you can make them, because you're committed. Or, you'll have to refund people and eat the cost of tooling/time/materials.
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