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How rain-proof are these components?

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My planned EV build is a '78 Honda CB400 commuter motorcycle. I currently pollute the Earth with it rain or shine. Even snow. The question is, how will a Mars PM motor and Kelly or Alltrax controller and a [insert brand name here] DC-DC converter and a Kelly battery charger handle torrential downpours (West coast style) on my way to work?
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Yeah, I am trying to decide whether or not to have an on-board charger or not. I do want to charge it at work, so a charger at work will be necessary. But, a 48V/15A (or 72V/10A depending on what I actually end up doing) charger (Kelly) is only 9"X5"X3" and 8 lbs, so it will easily fit into my backpack that I wear to work anyway. That seems like the best solution, and the charger wouldn't even need to be water proof.
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