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First of all,make sure you have successfully install Sabvoton bldc motor controller software and usb drive in your computer.​

Open the software interface,And connect the Sabvoton bldc motor controller to PC via a special USB cable.

Take Sabvoton SVMC072150 bldc motor controller as an example.As shown above:In the "throttle " Page,adjust the throttle middle volt between 3.5V~2V.The smaller this value is .the higher the starting torque.And on the other side.,adjust the throttle middle phase current around 80~250A,the higher this value is ,the higher the starting torque will be.Click OK to confirm your modification.Then one should move to Debug page and Click yes and ok to the "parameter store" to complete the adjustment.It won't take any effect,if those modification is not well saved.

Statement:This article originate from Sabvoton motor controller(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd.For any use,pls indicate the source and the link


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