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My conversion... I started toying around with my dream to build an EV. I had originally planned to do DC but have had plenty of time to think about it as I’ve had more time than money

I have a 1990 RX-7 convertible that will be converted.

I have acquired a Baldor AC motor and VFD for basically free. I know there are many things still needed.

I’m looking for resources to read regarding my conversion. I’ve been poking around on here and everywhere else online that I can think of but not really finding a good starting point. The rabbit holes I’ve gone down are vast!

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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It would be good to post the details of what you have already, and your expectations for performance, such as range, acceleration, and top speed. Also details of the motor and VFD to see if it is appropriate for the specifications. You could also figure out the mechanical details of mounting the motor in the vehicle and connecting to the drivetrain. You could even hook up the VFD and run the car a short distance using mains AC power and an extension cord. The batteries and charger will likely be the most expensive and critical components.
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