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An electric car is a car powered by electric motor, instead of gasoline combustion engine. While there are no visible external differences, there are big differences present under the hood. Still, an electric car is simple to build. But before you start building it, you need to have a blueprint of this complete transplant operation for reference. So, here is a helpful step by step guide for you forwarded by to build your own electric car.

  • Find an Apt Gasoline Car to Modify into an Electric Car

The first step is to look for an appropriate gasoline car that can be converted. Although the choice is completely yours, you should look for a car that is enough roomy and has manual transmission as the batteries will take lots of space to sit. Don’t go for very old car, but it you like one then ensure that its assembly and gear transmission is intact.

  • Decide on Maximum Electrical Voltage Output

The next thing is to decide at what electrical voltage you want to run your car. The range can vary from 90 V to 190 V. The voltage amount will tell you the number of batteries that you will need. It will also determine the AC motor and controller specifications.

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  • Select a Battery Type

Choose the type of battery you require. There are many different options like high output sealed battery and lead acid, marine deep cycle battery. There are many more options to choose from, based on the type of electrolyte they utilize. They may be gelled, flooded and absorbed glass mat batteries. Do the math depending on the power/voltage you require and buy the batteries that are most suitable. Connect all the batteries you have bought in series.

  • Detach Unwanted Gasoline Car Components

Now starts the gasoline car’s transplant operation. Detach the gas engine, gasoline tank, exhaust mechanism, catalytic converter, clutch and radiator and remove them.

  • Start Writing As Per Electric Circuit Diagram
Draw a correct circuit diagram, before doing the electric wiring. Keep all the manual transmissions intact and using adapter plate, attach a motor. Fix the motor using customized brackets.

  • Build Reduction Gear Set
Electric motor needs a reduction gear to customize the mechanism of gear for maximum efficiency. To achieve this you can either build a new tailored reduction gear or fix the current gear system permanently in first or the second gear.

  • Mount Batteries and Controller
Now mount the controller and batteries. The controller which is used normally is same as the one used in forklifts. Place the batteries smartly by using the space appropriately. Trap and bracket them all in place.

  • Wire the Installed Components
Now comes the wiring of the components. Connect the battery and controller with the motor as well as with each other using some high power cables. Install a separate motor if your original car had power steering mechanism.

  • Install Compressor, Heater and Air Conditioner
If your car has an air conditioner, then mount another motor to make its compressor work efficiently. A vacuum pump should be installed in order to operate its brake booster. A small water heater should also be installed in the heater’s core to drive the car’s heating mechanism.

  • Installation of DC to DC Converter and Wiring Accessories
DC to DC converter should be installed to power all accessory batteries. No need of gas gauge anymore. Just replace it with a suitable calibrated voltmeter that can slow down the charging level of your car’s batteries. Connect accelerator pedal to controller with potentiometer in middle as connection link.

  • Install the Power Relay Mechanism

The manual transmission’s exiting reverse gear can be now operated using an AC motor. Replace the gear changing mechanism with an electrical switch. Lastly, install relay switching mechanism which connects and disconnects your car from its batteries. So, now it is the switch which turns your car “ON” and “OFF”. Now connect the ignition switch with the relay, in order that the relay gets operated via the ignition switch. You can install a different charging mechanism for your car’s batteries. Place a charging socket on your car’s exterior and then wire the whole charging mechanism with it.

  • Time to Test

If you have manages to put all the things properly, your car is ready for testing. Individually test each and every part. Test the working of controller with accelerator pedal. When you end up with the testing stage, you are all set for the electric car’s test drive. And once that goes efficiently and successfully, you’re ready for pollution free and smooth drive in the electric car!

If you are not interested in building your own electric car, so many manufacturers in the Indian market coming up with their variants. See the following list of upcoming electric cars in India.
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