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Hi to all !

One college needs to drive some 1,2KW BLC motor.
With this motor he got the controller in the title.
To be more exact i need to make electronics and software for 2 such motors because we are making something similar to tracked vehicle.
What i need to do:
- radio control between battery powered joystick and this vehicle.
- joystick has two resistors for each axis ( x / y ) but it should control 8 directions.
- as main control units we will use arduino and raspberry.

What i plan to do:
- hook up this controller ( accelerator and reverse ) to digital pot and from there to arduino
- put some additional electronics for brakes ( what / how should i do this ? ).
- because i need to be able to turn the vehicle for 360 degrees i also need some solution how to set one motor in revers and one in forward "mode" but at the same time so that i dont destroy gears.

What i dont know:
- what is motor holler ?

All i got is this:

Thank you all in advance !
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