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I bought an EnerDel battery pack left over from the Think Car fiasco. I guess these batteries are about ten years old.
With my car build, taking the batteries in and out is a real pain in the ass. And would like to do it only once but I know that is not a reality.

The EnerDel packs are very neat in that they can be configured in a lot of ways. The battery terminals can be switched from right to left or top to bottom or any combination thereof.

Right now as I bought the blocks the cells are 12s/2p for about 50 volts. I'm going to take the blocks down to 25 volts by going 6s/4p.

While the blocks are apart and down to the individual cell I would like to cycle them 2 or 3 times to see how healthy they are. Looking at the internet there are lots of chargers/dischargers for the R/C world that are close to the right voltage but not just right.

Does anyone have a good idea? I would like to keep it simple. Just one device would be nice if it could charge/discharge and keep track of amp-hour.

From what I can find the voltage is 4.1 down to 2.5 Is this correct?


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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