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How to get started

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Never worked with electric vehicles before, but I'm interested in getting started. Anyone have any advice for someone that knows as close to nothing as possible while still breathing? Recommendations for books, articles, posts, anything I can use to get started to keep from driving everyone crazy with questions I should already know the answer to would be much appreciated. The first electric vehicle build I'm going to tackle is the Yard Mule, based from plans available at I have an axle and a motorcycle front end ready to be hacked and welded on. Still need to find a suitable motor and controller. The Yard Mule seems about as easy a first build as possible. Thanks up front for any advice or directions. Really looking forward to learning a new skill and building a real electric commuter at some stage.
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All in all, I'm for electric cars. Obviously can't own one because they cost an arm and a leg and I don't quite think that the battery and charging technology/network is quite there yet either. Also think they need to get some kind of u overall standard as if every manufacturer makes their own, it'll just create all kinds of problems. As much as I like engine noise, I appreciate the planet more. Tutuapp 9Apps
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