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Hey folks, I got this Thundersky 20S LiFePo 10A battery charger from a chinese scooter, and I'd like to use it for 20S Lithium-ion (10 Nissan Leaf cells). So I need to raise the voltage from 72V to 82-84V.

Unfortunately it doesn't have any trimpots inside, but I did a bit of reading up ad it should be possible to identify a resistor on the board and add a trimpot parallel to it.

Would any of you be willing to take a look and guess which resistor it might be?
Here's an album with detailed photos:

Alternatively, if I can't make this work, how stupid of an idea would be to connect it in series with a 12V powersource from a PC (PSU)? The PSU can provide up to 24A, but I have no idea how could it behave in such circuit.
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