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how to reach 50-55 mph?

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Hey guys im brand new, I need some help figuring out my first build
My goals are to have an electric kart that can get up to 50-55 mph at the most. Acceleration would be awesome too (anything more than a standard car) but id like to take this to work every day, it's not too long of a drive.
Anyways. Would a 72v motor get the job done? If I use a 72v, what should the gearing be? Im thinking about using motorcycle wheels fyi. Thanks in advance!
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Your gearing needs to match your motors top rpm.

So with the motor at its peak rpm, the gearing you have only allows for that top speed.
Doug has it spot on.

So what are you building? A go-kart, buggy, car? Any pics?
Road legal?
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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