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how to reach 50-55 mph?

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Hey guys im brand new, I need some help figuring out my first build
My goals are to have an electric kart that can get up to 50-55 mph at the most. Acceleration would be awesome too (anything more than a standard car) but id like to take this to work every day, it's not too long of a drive.
Anyways. Would a 72v motor get the job done? If I use a 72v, what should the gearing be? Im thinking about using motorcycle wheels fyi. Thanks in advance!
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First off I disagree with the statement the it will be unstable above 55mph we run my daughters cart at 72 and it's completely stable shooting for higher top end we run 7 inch dork lift motor @ 60 volts 1.21 to one gear ratio 400 amps 71.9 mph

Had to detune it for drag strip due to her age 60 foot time was 1.8sec 1/8mile 9.6 @60.48 mph
This is what the kart my daughter & I built will do is this what your looking for I can give you all the spec.
Sorry no reverse simple contractor can fix that
71.2 mph current top speed should be faster next weekend

1.21 to 1 gear ratio

Weight with driver 350

7.2 inch diameter hi-lo motor 86 lbs.

I'm running an Alltrax spm 48300

(when you floor it I bypass the controller and allow the motor to pull straight from batteries.

8 Nissan leaf batteries

2/0 wire that is being upgraded to 4/0 getting a little to warm several more upgrades within next month

Hopefully get 60 foot time down to 1.5 sec
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Yes motor gets fairly warm after a few 1/8 mile runs
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